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Narwhal Star Studio, LLC.

Balloon Sharp Clay Cutter

Balloon Sharp Clay Cutter

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3D Printed Clay Cutters by Narwhal Star Studio give a clean cut with their super sharp edges. Each clay cutter is printed made-to-order. Designs are frequently updated to give you the best cutter possible, as we learn and grow with our craft.

Cutter colors may vary.

Tips & tricks:
-spray your cutter with water (or dip into a bowl filled with water)
-use a piece of thin plastic between your cutter & your slab as a barrier
-leave your clay slab in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to cutting
-try alternate thicknesses of clay
-dust the clay slab with cornstarch
Warm clay is often the culprit when it comes to sticking to your cutters. Be sure to condition your clay properly, and let it rest (or leech the clay) before trying to cut it with a detailed cutter.

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