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This shop never disappoints! The quality is beyond amazing. Can’t wait to come back for more.

Sasha via Etsy 25 Feb 2024

FANTASTIC cutters!! Super sharp and will need minimal sanding! High quality. Very happy with my purchase and I will be buying more :) fast shipping as well. Thank you so much

Reed via Etsy 25 Feb 2024

I absolutely LOVE everything, greatsellers, ships super quick, and enough packaging for me to artfully wrap the bodies and delight in popping the bubble wrap by tossing dirt gently onto them in their the hastily dug holes🤗

Stephi via Etsy

This is only my third purchase with this shop and it's honestly my favorite already. They are both so awesome and package everything with great care. I seriously could not be any happier with my purchases. Thank you so much.

Megan via Etsy

These are so cute and arrived promptly with good quality - they are a bit smaller than I expected somehow, though there is a photo of the ruler for reference. Anyhow, I'll definitely be using them because did I mention they are so cute?! I was afraid the clay would stick to this tiny cutter but I'm so appreciative that the seller includes a card with tips to prevent this, which I tried and worked perfectly - thank you!

Sylvia via Etsy 18 Feb 2024