About Us

Narwhal Star Studio started as a resin decor company in 2018. Soon after, we became a silicone mold maker for resin artists! In 2022, we added clay cutters to our product lineup, and are focused primarily on our cutters and 3D prints at this time. We do still offer silicone molds, but on a limited basis. 

We are a married duo, consisting of Donna Machen and Brandon Stoflet. Donna has a degree in graphic design, and loves bringing her art to you! Brandon is amazing at 3D printing, and together, we think we make a pretty great team. We've been working together since 2016 (and met at a media school in 2009).

Although many of our designs come directly from our minds or your suggestions, we do purchase licensable artwork for some of our designs. We do our very best to avoid copyright infringement, and love to work with other artists with the same mentality. 

If you have any requests for clay cutters you'd like to see in our shop - please reach out on Instagram! We also offer custom, exclusive designs, if you have something specific in mind you don't want anyone else to have. 

We currently live and do business in Northern Illinois, right on the border of Wisconsin (and Iowa)! Our hearts were connected in Colorado, and we'll always cherish the mountains as one of our 'homes'.